Who is ‘the endurance company‘?

That would be me, Phil Brown. I know, it seems like with a name like ‘the endurance company‘ there should be more, but it’s just me.

I love endurance sport and I want to make you fast. What “fast” is, is up to you. While I certainly enjoy coaching elite athletes, I get as much or more satisfaction helping a mother of school-age kids set a personal best.

I am a life-long athlete. I have been competing in endurance sport since I was a little kid – maybe 10 or 11 years old. I have competed in xc skiing; biathlon; running – road, track and cross country; cycling – road, xc-mountain, cx and gravel; of course, triathlon; even OCR. There is probably a sport I am forgetting, but you get the picture. In many of these sports I have competed at a provincial, national or international level. Yes international! I surprised myself with that.

Just because I am able to compete as an athlete doesn’t mean I know anything about making you fast though, right? True, it doesn’t, but I do have coaching chops too. I have a kinesiology degree from Lakehead University and was the head coach of the Nordic Ski Team. In the time since leaving university, I have become a student of exercise physiology and human endurance performance. I am an IRONMAN® Certified Coach®, nationally certified XC ski and swim coach. I am currently an age-group swim coach with a local club. I continue to expand my coaching knowledge and am pursuing national certifications in swimming, cycling and triathlon.

Let me make my passion for endurance sport make you fast!